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Call or book a car service online and our skilled mechanics will come to your home or office to service your car. At Perfect mobile mechanic, we make the whole process easy for you. And since we don’t have the overhead cost of a workshop, we are able to charge less while offering a suitable and quality service. Avoid the hassle of driving your car to a dealer of a workshop while your vehicle can be fixed are your location, saving precious time and money.

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Booking Your Appointment Is Easy


1. What you think is wrong (e.g., “my car is shaking” or “I need new brakes”)
2. The year, make, and model of your car.
3. Your name, address and phone number.


Our easy to understand quotes will show the detailed cost of labour, parts, and taxes (if any). You’ll know exactly what’s included in your service so there are no surprises.
You’re always in control. If your mechanic discovers that your car doesn’t need all the services you requested, we’ll remove those services and lower your bill, right on the spot. If your car needs additional repair services, your mechanic will provide you with an itemized list of what you need. You can always decide to add or decline any additional services.

Alternator Replacement


We’ll provide a detailed list of the parts, services, and costs needed to service your car. In most cases, we will provide a fair and transparent price instantly. All our mechanics have agreed to honour the quotes we provide. This ensures that there will be no need for negotiations or any last-minute surprises.


With us, everyone in the community pays the same price. Your gender doesn’t determine the cost of auto repair – we have all heard those stories.
We give you a flat rate for the job based on the time calculated and parts required (if any). There is no need for negotiations and there will not be any last-minute surprises. Our price doesn’t change even if it takes longer to complete the job than estimated.

Most Popular Car Repair Services At Your Home Or Office

Brake Pads Repairs

car engine


Oil Changes

Fuel System

Alternator Replacement

Car Inspection

Transmission Repair


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What People Are Saying About Our New Car Detailing Services

Excellent Car Service! I had a faulty clutch Saturday morning. Steven and Bobo were highly responsive to my request, they were at my home within a few hours.To add to that, the auto service was mind blowing and the car was neat as it was. I have used perfect mobile mechanics for the past 5 years.
We'd Be Happy To Call Perfect Mobile Mechanic Or Refer Them! Great customer service at every level. The mechanics were on the phone and approved my appointment on the go.Impressive service form the gentlemen who were happy to explain the service and price options.Kevin replaced my break pads and left the work area as he found it.I will be sure to use their service any time any day.
Extremely Polite And Fast Service Marvin P. came out, when i need a car maintenance as i was looking for best car mobile mechanic near me. Marvin P., did the job with ease and I am truly so grateful for how quickly it was taken care of as my car would not start. The service was amazing and I appropriate so much how much they helped me, the repair team were extremely polite and I cant thank them enough.
Andrew From Sales Is Super Knowledgeable And Just An Outstanding Guy! Andrew from sales is super knowledgeable and just helpful. We reached out to him last minute with an urgent request to fix our car radiator and he made the necessary arrangements to get it fixed immediately. Exceptional customer service and by far the best all-around value for your car servicing needs.

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