Frequently Ask Question

The simple answer to your question is that they can be trustworthy, and they often are. You just need to be careful, as with any other service you hire. Mobile mechanics are very similar to regular mechanics in that they do the same job. However, the main difference is that they come to you. We would advise that you should become educated in the basics of how your car works. That way you can know for sure if your mechanic is being genuine. Also be sure to look for customer reviews. There are some good mobile mechanics out there. You just need to know how to find them.

A good mobile mechanic will give assurance with their services because they want their work to be of the best standard and quality.

A good mobile mechanic can be a trusted guide and resource. A good mechanic can save you a lot of money, time, and make life more suitable.

A trustworthy mobile mechanic is always eager to explain the problem to you and show you the proof. If the mechanic is calm working while you watch, you can trust him.

Yes, we do charge a R850.0 call out fee, in the Randburg and  Fourways area.

We do offer a 90-day warranty on parts & repairs. There is a realistic period offered by a decent part manufacturer and then we mechanic for our proper fitting of any parts and/or adjustments needed during repairs.

Brake Repair

You never know when you might encounter a deer or a drunk driver. When the unforeseen happens, you need to be able to know that your brakes are going to work perfectly. Some signs that you need brake work include squealing, grinding, and veering to the side when you step on the brake pedal.


With transmission issues, you want to get to the shop quickly to potentially save yourself from more expensive repairs. One symptom that could indicate a transmission problem is stalling. Another is popping out of gear for no apparent reason.


Once your odometer rolls past the 100,000-mile mark, it’s a good idea to get to the shop for a tune-up every 10,000-20,000 miles thereafter.


Modern computerized diagnostic equipment can assist the mechanic in ensuring that the issue is diagnosed quickly and correctly, meaning that it will take less time to get your car back out on the road.

Oil Change

These days, some folks argue that you can go longer than the standard of 3,000 miles. Regardless, the important thing is that you are keeping the right amount of clean oil in your engine.

Our working hours are form 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Saturday including holidays.

We agree to take cash, direct deposit or EFT. All payments are to be completed at completion of services.

The majority of skilled mobile mechanics offer quotes to customers – watch out for those who give quotes over the phone, but most will come and access the job before they proceed with the job. Some quotes may be of the basic and will increase as the job goes on.

Yes, you are welcome to buy your own parts and book one of our mechanics to install them.

We don’t engage in the business of supplying or installing used parts. Only in very rare cases do the mechanics in our network ever use remanufactured parts — usually in older cars where the parts manufacturers have discontinued the production of new parts. In those rare cases, the parts will be clearly marked as “remanufactured” on your quote.

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